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Version: 1.16.1

About us

AnarchEH is a semi-vanilla survival anarchy server running the Paper minecraft serverfiles. You can connect using any client including the default java minecraft client. We aim to have a vanilla experience, with very few changes that the player will notice.

In-game voice chat

We currently have local voice chat set up through our discord server. Simply link your minecraft account to your discord account, join the lobby, and you'll be automatically connected to nearby players. Although voice chat is optional, it's highly recommended to enhance your experience. Join our discord for more information.


Our server does not run any plugins that drastically change the gameplay outside of some cosmetics and voting rewards. All other modifications used are for administrative and anti-cheat purposes. Our full list of plugins can be found here.

Rules & Hacking

Because our chat is bridged with Discord, we are obligated to follow the Discord Guidelines when it comes to speech, this is our only rule. That being said, cheating and providing yourself with an unfair advantage is discouraged, for that reason we have implemented several forms of anti-cheat to try and prevent this behavior.


We're always looking for content creators to partner with us in streaming our server, if that interests you please reach out to us. Regardless of your channel size, we'd like to work with you. PoTheCanadian is the servers resident streamer. You can find him on his twitch channel.


Running AnarchEH and upgrading the hardware periodically does cost quite a bit in the long term. At the moment you can donate for titles, cosmetics, and special username colors. No type of in-game advantages will be available in any form ever.


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